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Bath & Body Lip Balm
221B Baker Street Candle Product Photo
221B Baker Street is a smart, sexy, and sophisticated fragrance that combines smoky, woodsy cedar notes with suede. It is brightened with notes of citrus and mint.
Autumn in Stars Hollow smells like autumn leaves and maple pancakes, lifted by hints of freshly-brewed coffee. yes
Bacon Pancakes smells like delicious bacon with fluffy pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup yes yes
Big Damn Heroes smells like exotic teakwood, smuggled spices (cardamom and clove), and of course, leather. Ain't we just. yes yes
Blue Milk and Cookies smells of the sweet, creamy aroma of blue milk with freshly-baked cookies. Just like Aunt Beru's! yes
Butterscotch Brew smells of deliciously sweet butterscotch and vanilla on a light background of sweet buttered rum.
Campfire smells of cozy crackling firewood and campfire smoke. yes
Candy Cane Forest is a blend of peppermint, white sugar, and rich vanilla. Similar to "Winter is Coming," but sweeter. yes yes
Castle Library candle by Bubble and Geek Castle Library is the scent of a cozy fireplace surrounded by antique woodwork and endless shelves of books, on a base of smoky vanilla. yes
Claire smells like a fresh blend of healing plants and herbs on an earthy base. Topped with a splash of whisky (medicinal, of course)! yes yes
Coffee and Contemplation smells like rich, dark coffee with hints of caramel and chocolate. What mornings are for. yes yes
Don't Blink smells like a fresh blend of ivy and greenery found in a peaceful English garden. yes yes
Earl Grey Tea smells of traditional steeped Earl Grey tea leaves, blended with bergamot and sweet herbal notes. Best served hot. *ahem* You might say that it is tea. Earl Grey. Hot. yes yes
Eleven smells like buttery waffles drizzled with sweet syrup, on a base of warm vanilla. yes
Enchanted Rose candle by Bubble and Geek Enchanted Rose smells of a delicate living rose combined with mystical undertones of black amber and musk. yes yes
Garden of the Galaxy candle by Bubble and Geek Garden of the Galaxy smells like a wooded garden (rosewood and pine, with a hint of fresh florals and citrus) in space... and maybe some rocket fuel. It's probably fine! yes
Hero of Time smells like a mystical blend of essences of tears of myrrh, dragons blood, and patchouli with floral notes of rose and jasmine. Base notes include a woodsy musk. yes yes

Highland Mist smells like a journey to the Scottish Highlands with this blend of scents from the sea, mingled with woods and heather.

yes yes
Hobbit Garden smells like a fresh blend of English ivy, oak moss, apples, strawberry, and a hint of garden mint. yes yes
Hot Apple Cider smells like a blend of fresh apples and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove). yes
If Daryl Dies We Riot is the scent of a worn leather jacket and denim, balanced by woods, rugged musk, and citrus. yes yes
I Need a Vacation is the scent of a Mediterranean getaway, featuring lavender fields, olive trees, and soothing honey. yes yes
Ice and Fire is a blend of icy mint and fiery cinnamon, with vanilla undertones. yes
It's High Noon is an earthy blend of leather, tumbleweeds, red cedar, musk, and gunpowder. yes yes
Jammy Dodgers smells like freshly-baked shortbread cookies with tart berry jam. yes yes
Jelly Baby is a lusciously sweet scent of fruity gummy candies. Would you like a Jelly Baby? yes yes
Judith is the clean, fresh scent of a baby, including apple, citrus, and florals. Reminiscent of baby powder, but lighter and more refreshing. yes yes
King in the North smells like an herbaceous blend of weirwood forest and oak moss, with a hint of frosty mint. yes yes
Knope 2020 Smells like optimism, whipped cream, waffles, coffee, and more whipped cream. yes
Kowalski's Bakery smells like the unforgettable aroma of fresh-baked bread, spiced apple strudel, and other sweet pastries.  yes
Leaf on the Wind smells of delicate green, leafy notes combined with fresh air and autumn leaves. yes yes
Lemon Cake smells like sweet, sugary lemon cake with vanilla creme frosting. yes yes yes
Loki smells like a complex, enigmatic blend of spices on a woodsy base of cedar and oak. yes yes

Mermaid smells like sea mineral springs and kaffir lime, with nuances of water moss, lotus blossom, dune grass, and coral musk.

yes yes
Mr. and Mrs. Pond smells like driftwood (for those with a penchant to drift through time and space), ginger (for anyone blessed enough to have ginger locks), tea (to celebrate British tea culture), and *very* light touches of romantic bergamot, lemon, clove, and lavender. yes yes
Nebula scented candle by Bubble and Geek Nebula smells like a galactic blend of metallic asteroids, jasmine, and spices, including cinnamon and black pepper. yes
Newt's Suitcase smells like an earthy blend of antique sandalwood, hay bales, lush greenery, and well-worn leather. yes yes
The Oncoming Storm scent is a magnificent blend of spicy black pepper, earthy patchouli, and vanilla bean. True to its namesake, this scent is as mysterious as it is brave and defiant. yes yes
Paopu Fruit smells like a blend of exotic tropical fruits including star fruit, coconut, pineapple, goji berries, dragon fruit, papaya, mango, and kumquat. yes yes yes
Pipe-weed scented candle Pipe-weed smells like a blend of smoky tobacco combined with mahogany woods, vanilla, and brown sugar. yes yes
Poison Ivy scented candle Poison Ivy is a tantalizing blend of exotic florals, sweetened with citrus, peaches, and berries. yes yes
Puddin' smells like banana puddin' topped with a nutty blend of caramelized walnuts and pecans. yes yes
Pumpkin Pasties scented candle Pumpkin Pasties smells like cinnamon sugar-covered pastries that contain sweet pumpkin filling. yes yes
Pyramid of Greatness Smells like woodworking at a remote cabin in the woods with hints of tobacco, bacon, and whisky. yes yes
Queenie candle by Bubble and Geek Queenie smells like a sweet, romantic blend of sparkling tangerines, apple blossoms, and berries with hints of soft musk.  yes yes
Red Jamie smells like a rugged blend of woods, citrus, and saddle leather. Topped off with a splash of whisky! yes yes
Ricktatorship is a daring blend of Georgia woods, gunpowder, fresh dirt, and a hint of spice. yes yes
River's Kiss is an irresistible blend of berries and blooms with a hint of musky incense. yes yes
Sally's Song is a blend of romantic florals (bergamot, lemon, clove, lavender, rose, powdery amber), patchwork cotton, and autumn leaves. yes yes
Sonic Screwdriver is an energizing blend of sweet, sugared oranges with fizzy lemon-lime soda. yes yes yes
Spring in Stars Hollow smells like 1,000 yellow daisies.  yes yes
Stormborn Queen is a luscious blend of sweet oranges and mulberries with a hint of clove yes yes
Sugar Plum Fairy smells like a fruity bouquet of sugared plums, warmed by hints of spice and vanilla.  yes yes
Summer in Stars Hollow smells like a fruity bouquet of sugared plums, warmed by hints of spice and vanilla.  yes yes
Sunnydale Library smells like leather-bound books, rosewood (Mr. Pointy!), hot brewed tea, and a house plant. May or may not open a portal to the hellmouth. yes yes
Talking Teapot candle by Bubble and Geek Talking Teapot smells like a comforting blend of aromatic Earl Grey tea leaves, floral white tea, and warm ginger. yes yes
This is Halloween is best described as sticking your face into a Halloween candy bucket (candy corn, chocolates, caramel apples) while a pumpkin pie is baking in the background. yes
Thor is the scent of an oak forest during a thunderstorm. yes yes
Treat Yo Self scented candle Treat Yo Self to a spa day with this luxurious blend of citrusy mimosa, strawberries, and myrrh yes yes
The Upside Down smells like a peculiar blend of woods, patchouli, frankincense, and myrrh.  yes yes
Valor is a fiery blend of cinnamon, clove, and smoke. yes
Vanilla Custard is the rich, velvety aroma of vanilla custard with a hint of caramelized sugar. yes yes yes
Watcher on the Walls is the scent of a godswood forest on a crisp winter night. Woodsy, wintery, and a little bit smoky.  yes yes
Winter is Coming is a crisp blend of garden mint and vanilla. yes yes yes
Winter in Stars Hollow candle by Bubble and Geek Winter in Stars Hollow smells like the first snow of the season, with frosty peppermint, hints of chocolate, and a kitchen full of sweets.  yes yes
Your Father Smelt of Elderberries is a deliciously sweet berry scent, reminiscent of mulberries. yes yes
Yule Ball will transport you to the Great Hall during Christmastime with the scent of a festive evergreen wreath made of shimmering pine and crisp greens, accented with hints of cedar, citrus, and spices (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg). yes yes

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